A group of Artists & Humanitarians helping the developing communities of SADC.
Village #1: Mathangwane, Botswana, Africa

Annelize Bester | THUTO


The name - - came after a number of Digital Arts Workshops (for Botswana's Orphans) and media projects by the Foundation for Think Tank Thuto | TAISBA [The Anglican International Schools of Botswana, Africa]

1. The Children of Botswana (#TCOBW)

2. FotoFilmWeb - concept, production & design - for Think Tank Thuto.

3. Michel Cavro's CGI for Think Tank Thuto | TAISBA

3. Social Media for project(s)

Initially development and execution of our Media Production Activities and Program in Development (Digital Arts) were organized as Think Tank Thuto (Global Education Committee), then THUTO ICT (An Initiative). The names were too broad and were been confused with other areas of the foundation's work for Botswana, Africa.

In the case of THUTO ICT (initiative), people confused our endeavors of Digital Content Creation with Computer Coding; or confused work been done with activities for Think Tank Thuto | TAISBA (Mathangwane Campus).

~ Annelize Bester | THUTO